Sight... While walking the wooded trails around our farm, I see a branch for the way it would perfectly drape over the vase or a feathery plume of dewed grass for its softness. I see daily what is new and in bloom or on its way out. I bring the outside creation buzzing with life to the table to inspire city-dwellers and country folk alike. I notice wild raspberries and blackberries with anticipation, not just for the fruiting stage, but for the buds and leaves and vines that they will add to an arrangement. As I continue my walk, seeing what is available, I start to imagine what I will pick and how it will come together that week. I keep clippers in my car and as I drive around the area, I scan the roadsides and woods for new patches of daisies and Queen Anne's lace. I have eyes for beauty and I have a much wilder palette of material at my fingertips than you might find at most florist shops. This comes through in our arrangements.

Season... Much of the foraged material from the hedgerows and the woods are what people might call "weeds". I see them as so much more; they are the "salt" of floral design. Although they are common, they are what flavor an arrangement and make it unique. Wild, native plants enhance the bouquet's power to please the senses as salt and spices do to food. They also serve another, very meaningful purpose as a reminder of your special day, year after year. Without fail, the same plants and flowers pop up along the roadside. The same trees blossom and fruit, unassisted, perennial favorites. They did this when your grandmother was a little girl and they will continue to bloom at the same time of year for generations to come. Our arrangements tie your celebration to the season at hand, grounding you to the earth.

Sustain... We harvest first from our own gardens, here at Rocklands and just up the road at Moonflower Farm. We forage (with care) from all over the Ag Reserve. When we need more to complete the vision, we visit our friends and neighbors to see what they have in bloom. We are part of an amazing network of flower farmers here in Maryland and our intention is to provide you with the most responsibly sourced blooms possible.

Show... Although we grow TONS of flowers from April-October, some of them say "wow" on their own more than others. I like to incorporate these show-stoppers into the arrangements where they fit the vision.

Spring: tulips, ranunculus, anemone, tree blossoms, lilac, viburnum, peony, rose 

Summer/Fall: hydrangea, zinnia, sunflower, lisianthus, dahlia

- Anna Joy Glenn