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Sungold Flower Co. is owned and operated by Anna Joy Glenn and Caitlin Robinson, two long time friends and farmer-florists from opposite sides of the country. Here, the West Coast meets the East Coast, the right brain meets the left. We’re completely obsessed with flowers and with sharing their beauty with everyone we meet.

Our workshop is located at historic Rocklands Farm & Winery, nestled within Montgomery County's Agricultural Reserve, a gorgeous slice of earth just outside Washington, DC. Here we do things a little differently, and it all has to do with how we source. We grow specialty cut flowers, using organic and sustainable practices, and buy first from other local farmers who do the same. We forage (responsibly) from all over the Ag Reserve, making sure to leave enough to ensure a good stand the following year.

The materials within our reach are wild, interesting, and alive - always changing. We follow the seasons, constantly tuning-in to what surrounds us. Because of that, our arrangements have a feeling of "belonging" in the spaces they occupy. Much of what we forage from the hedgerows and the woods are what people might call "weeds". We see them as so much more; they are the "salt" of floral design. Although they are common, they are what flavor an arrangement and make it unique. Wild, native plants enhance the bouquet's power to please the senses as salt and spices do to food. They also serve another, very meaningful purpose as a reminder of your special day, year after year. Without fail, the same plants and flowers pop up along the roadside. The same trees blossom and fruit, unassisted, perennial favorites. They did this when your grandmother was a little girl and they will continue to bloom at the same time of year for generations to come. Our arrangements tie your celebration to the season at hand.

We only use the best of what's in our fields each week, never making the same bouquet twice. We believe that flowers can set the tone for your event and we want that to be as original as you are.

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