Hello, and thanks for stopping by. We are Anna and Caitlin, co-owners of Sungold Flower Co. We are based out of Rocklands Farm & Winery in beautiful and historic Seneca, Maryland, nestled within Montgomery County's Agricultural Reserve, less than an hour outside DC. 

Sungold is a different kind of flower company. We farm. We forage. We source from other local growers. We follow the seasons. Each gorgeous bloom is handled with care, every time, from seed to ceremony.

The materials within our reach are wild, interesting, and alive - always changing. We tune-in to what surrounds us, and because of that, our arrangements have a feeling of "belonging" in the spaces they occupy.

We only use the best of what's in our fields each week, never making the same bouquet twice. We believe that flowers can set the tone for your event and we want that to be as original as you are.