Sungold is a different kind of flower company. We farm. We forage. We source from other local growers. We follow the seasons. Each gorgeous bloom is handled with care, every time, from seed to ceremony.

The materials within our reach are wild, interesting, and alive - always changing. We tune-in to what surrounds us, and because of that, our arrangements have a feeling of "belonging" in the spaces they occupy.

We only use the best of what's in our fields each week, never making the same bouquet twice. We believe that flowers can set the tone for your event and we want that to be as original as you are.


Caitlin Robinson, co-founder

My husband and I started farming vegetables about 6 years ago, and made the jump into the floral world at the beginning of 2017. I feel like I have finally landed right where I've always belonged. I love the combination of science and art that is involved in growing and arranging flowers and I am inspired by the changing of the seasons and the rhythms of life. I am energized by fresh air, hard work, and color.

Anna Joy Glenn, co-founder

I cannot help myself from arranging flowers. I see everything as potential bouquets. Growing up in Washington State, my mother taught me to love flowers and took me to pick dahlias every year on my birthday. When I moved to Rocklands Farm, my mother-in-law taught me the names of all the east coast native plants and her beloved perennials. My father-in-law, early on, planted me an entire field of wildflowers. Then I started to grow my own, in addition to what was all around me. We always use sustainable growing practices and special care when harvesting from the wild to ensure a good stand for future generations. 


 Photo: Skip Brown, Bethesda Magazine

Photo: Skip Brown, Bethesda Magazine


Christa Carignan, design assistant

I grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables in my small yard in Rockville and I enjoy the art and creativity of flower arranging. Working with flowers was soul soothing during a period of grief in my life, and it remains a way I choose to put more beauty into this world. As a grower and nature lover, I respect what each changing season brings to us. As a horticulturist and artist, I appreciate the beauty and potential in all the stages of a plant's growth -- from the tiniest unfurling leaves to vibrant petals, lush fruits, and dried pods. It lights up my soul to work with and share nature's bounty creatively.