M2 Photography  for Ashley + Rafal’s wedding (May 2019)

M2 Photography for Ashley + Rafal’s wedding (May 2019)


Step One: Consult. The floral design for an event always begins with the couple, which is one of the reasons we love meeting face-to-face with each person we might have the chance to work with. We see flowers as a crucial story-telling element to your special day. In our meetings we discuss vibe, vision, and the key floral elements, as well as the overall scope of the job. We begin to formulate the varieties we will plant (if time/season allow) with that couple in mind. Precise colors and flowers are not necessarily decided on at this point. That will happen closer to the date.

Step Two: Tune-in. In the months and weeks leading up to an event, we really begin to observe what is going on in the natural world. What looks amazing in our fields, in the woods and along the roadsides. These observations, along with the other design elements and colors being used in the event, are what inspires our palette and list of ingredients. Lucky for us, its changing all the time. A wedding in mid-September last year looks different than the one during the same time-frame one year later. That is so incredibly energizing for us. There are always surprises, always elements we’ve never noticed before.

While walking the wooded trails around the farm, we see a branch for the way it would perfectly drape over the vase or a feathery plume of dew-covered grass for its softness. We see daily what is new and buzzing with life, watching wild raspberries and blackberries with anticipation, not just for the fruiting stage, but for the buds and leaves and vines that they will add to an arrangement. We seek out new patches of daisies and Queen Anne's lace, oak and autumn olive. The wildcrafted ingredients that we have at our fingertips lend themselves to a truly unique design.

Step Three: Forage + Harvest. Days before an event, we’ve decided on the primary elements we will use in each arrangement, from boutonnieres to large-scale hanging installations. We make foraging lists and reach out to other local growers to see whats blooming in their gardens. We begin gathering all our ingredients. Branches, foliage, herbs, wild grasses, seed pods, carefully cultivated feature flowers. We promise the most responsibly sourced blooms possible.

Step Four: Craft. This is where it all comes together. We often begin with the Bridal Bouquet or the welcome piece, as they can set the tone for everything else. Day-of arranging almost always includes a last-minute run out the garden, down to the vineyard or to the meadow behind our workshop for those last little bits we need to complete the vision. Handing off the bouquets to our couple, setting out the centerpieces, and constructing an installation are always so thrilling to us. Each wedding is unique and special, and we are so proud to offer a floral option that reflects that.

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